Her arthritis is barely noticeable…

After using Holistapet for over a year now I wanted to leave a couple of reviews. My 14 year old Lab Mix was dealing with arthritis and was having problems with stairs and had become noticeably slower. Our Vet had put her on some arthritis chews, but they did not seem to work very well. I decided to give your 600 mg CBD oil a try and it has made a world of difference. Within a couple months of daily use my 14 year old dog had turned back the clock and started acting half her age again. Her arthritis is barely noticeable and she’s also shown great improvement in her allergies. She used to need a daily allergy pill and now she may only need a few pills a month during allergy season. I’ve been very impressed. She has also experienced high anxiety her entire life and during storms or fireworks she paces, pants, drools and whines. I decided to purchase your dog treats as a compliment to her daily cbd oil and again I’ve been very happy with the results. Her anxiety has been cut by more than half during storms and she can actually sleep instead of pacing herself into a frenzy. If I could afford to give them to her daily I would, but for now I save them for these occasions. Again thanks for the great products, they’ve made a believer out of me.

600 mg CBD Oil 5 stars
Dog treats for Stress and Anxiety 5 stars

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