Our 15 year old cat had a heart issue and two masses in her lung

We were told that our 15 year old cat had a heart issue and two masses in her lung. Due to her age we didn’t want to do anything intensive with those masses. The vet didn’t want to start her on CBD along with her heart meds in case we had a reaction he wanted to know that it was from the meds and not CBD. After 6 weeks, the masses had grown 25%!!! That was NOT a good sign but her heart condition was under control. He let me put her on CBD and 4 weeks later they are SMALLER than they were BEFORE they grew!!!!! The only change we made was CBD treats!!! She weights 10 lbs and I am giving her 3 treats in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. She loves them and thinks she is just getting a treat. She now doesn’t have to go back for a check up for 3 MONTHS!!! We were doing every 4-6 weeks. Im excited to see what we will find in 3 months….possibly NO masses???? She is also more active and I think it’s helping her joints and she plays more and just looks like she feels better. I am very happy we found Holistapet!!!

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