You saved my baby boy

Raj is a 4 year old pit bull dachshund mix. I call him scrappy because just like the cartoon he is all bark and no bite. Hes my rough and tough cream puff. He’s undoubtedly the goodest boy and I’m truly blessed to call him my bestest pal. On December 16th of 2018, my wryly good boy was his normal, happy self, running and jumping all over the place like an unsupervised child. On the following day he went to jump up on my bed but a twitch in his spine ( unbeknownst to me at the time) prevented him from doing so and at the time I shook it off as nothing because I was already late for work. Approximately one week later he was no longer able to jump on anything and was having what seemed to be muscle spasms that left him Shook and unable to move very much including doing things like eating going potty. Over the following week I got him to the vet and discovered that he had what is known as ivdd ( basically degenerative spinal disease for dogs)
The next 2 months were spent with him in my intensive care through several regular and emergency vet appointments and Chiropractic appointments and at one point up to five different kinds of medication, I even started a gofumdme page to help with the hundreds of dollars in expenses. Things were not looking well and it seemed a dark future was looming because this disease can lead to total paralysis. He was restricted to his kennel except for potty time. The meds he was on helped enough to keep him comfortable but he still had lots of accidents, trouble eating, and at one point, lost 100% control of his hind end. I though I might lose my baby boy…. and even through all this he kept that same wild energy; just ecstatic when I’d return home from work. Just when I thought that all hope was lost a friend of mine suggested I look up CBD treatments(denied by most vets, but in felt out of options). I spent two whole days researching different companies and the reviews of different products that they all offered and I thought I would give holistapet a try. I ordered a bag of their joint and bone health CBD biscuits and gave them to my dog as instructed on the package and within 3 days i saw his back legs starting twitching…..a few days later…50% movement was back…..another week and he had 80% control…2 weeks later…..100% normal. I kept him on the biscuits for another month just to be sure….and for the last 10 months without a single biscuit, he’s as perfectly healthy as he was before this all started. Thanks so much to every one from the holistapet company. You saved my baby boy and I truly hope our story reaches other people and their furry pals!

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